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Thread: They're lucky they're cute!

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    Default They're lucky they're cute!

    Saturday and sunday All three of the boys decided that 6am was a good time to start making every noise they know. and the wouldn't stop until I came down.

    Then When I decided to take a nap in the afternoon they started up again!

    Linda, I'm going to send them back!!!!! (ok there's no chance of that!)
    Dave and Ditto (he still lets me list my name first)

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    Default Re: They're lucky their cute!

    My lovie-alarm is set for 5:00

    (these guys are on a weird clock, as usual. even koko stays in "bed" until the light comes on now-a-days.)
    Freyja, Odinn , Sayuri, Bennu, Auri, Fili & Kokoro

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    Default Re: They're lucky they're cute!

    Breakfast is at sunrise and if they are awake, everyone else is supposed to be awake, too! Come on, lovie slave! You are there to serve them so you need to be awake, too!!!
    Linda L.
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