Hi, my name is Aaron and I got 4 lovebirds from a breeder about 2 months ago. They were kept in a small cage with 15 others and I couldn't help but get 4. I have been slowly trying to tame them as I have had them but no luck. I have tried hand feeding them, giving them snacks and apple slices, as well as trying to get them to trust me with taking them out with a perch. Now they are about 7-8 months old and just don't seem to want anything to do with me. When I talk to them they will all sing and tweet back at me and come watch me from the side of their cage. I play music for them when I leave the house so they are used to noise and sounds for when I come home. It has just made me loose hope that I won't be able to tame them to want to come out of their cage and enjoy a little more free time. These are my first birds I have owned personal and I have helped tame my uncle's cockatiel a few years back. Any advice is appreciated!