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Thread: Bad Advice from the Pet Store?

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    Hi everyone!
    I just adopted a 1 1/2 year old female lovebird. Her last owner did not have time for her, and she adopted her from another family with two kids. She seems to be doing well despite that it's been only a few days since her transition. She is quite mad at me however because I had to take one of her toys out of her cage since it was made of a plastic rope that she was shredding up. I don't want her to eat any plastic even by accident! I realized she is exhibiting nesting behavior, and I know now that she somehow managed to see herself in a mirror in the living room when I was bringing her home a few days ago. I want very much for her to be happy and healthy, and ultimately for us to be able to form a bond. I went to the pet store to by her some Millet the other day and asked a couple people working there for advice on how to help my bird adjust to her new home and be happy. I was told I should put a mirror in her cage because "Lovebirds are very vain" and that supposedly it would make her feel less alone. I am spending lots of time with her and have no other animals at home-- so she gets all my attention! I have been under the impression that I absolutely should not giver her a mirror, and to me it seems quite cruel in a way as it kind of a psychological trick. I don't really trust the advice that I got and was hoping for some input from people who actually know birds. I have just moved to Los Angeles and the only pet store near me is a big chain store, and it seems that most people in the city for the most part don't really care about anything... so I am reaching out to get some more opinions...

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    Hi and welcome to Lovebirds Plus Community!

    You are right! No mirror! What she sees in the mirror is her own reflection and it's not reality. Me thinks the pet shop employees need a bit of update educating!!! Being around you as much as possible is the quickest way to win her trust. As she settles in, she will realize through experience that you don't intend to make her your next meal! Think about that for a minute. In the wild, parrots are prey animals and they learn what to do to keep themselves safe.

    Millet is a good treat for lovebirds. Be aware, however, that being a female, she may view the stems as nesting material once she's eaten the seed. That's OK. It's not plastic or cord so let her shred to her heart's content! For toys, I don't like plastic that can be chewed and I don't like toys with rope or cord. Those can be swallowed and can get stuck in the digestive system. Much better is shreddable bamboo. Finger traps are fun and they are also cheap!

    Read through our forums and you will find tons of information. Ask questions, too. Our mission is to help all parrot slaves to become the best slaves possible!
    Linda L.
    There are no bad birds, just misunderstood ones.

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