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Thread: Max is quiet and I知 starting to worry.

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    Default Re: Max is quiet and I知 starting to worry.

    Quote Originally Posted by linda040899 View Post
    Both of my avian vets are very sensitive to the feelings of their feathered patients. That's why I use their practices. Being in a strange place with strange people doing a procedure that's never been done before and no one familiar around for reassurance is traumatic. Most surgical procedures are off limits to owners but recovery is where I meet up with my birds. My vet usually calls me just as the procedure is starting and I find my way to the office just as the procedure is ending. Isoflurane (anesthetic) doesn't take long to wear off and I'm there when my bird wakes up.

    If you ever take Max back to see this doctor, you can be sure he will remember!
    The vet I took Ditto to was great with him. We both went into the room and he would talk to Ditto and explain to him what he was doing. EVen though ditto obviously didn't understand he liked the soothing voice.

    The only time I couldn't be with him was the x-rays. They had him all day for those to make sure he woke up ate and acted normal. In typical Ditto fashion he woke up immediately after the anesthesia was removed and ate like a pig!
    Dave and Ditto (he still lets me list my name first)

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    Default Re: Max is quiet and I知 starting to worry.

    I can't tell you how lucky you are to have a good avian vet. Here in Toronto, the parrot community is all in the same boat. There are no good avian vets. They all charge an arm and a leg and they just don't care about the patient. It's pretty sad.
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